“Slouch to 5k (for writers)”

“Unlocked in Lockdown: Slouch to 5k (for writers)” is a 10-week blogpost series (started in response to the COVID-19 crisis) aiming to support you if you have stalled with a writing project, by rekindling your connection to it.

Each week, I’ll post about an unusual/creative activity (it may not even involve writing), with the idea that, by doing the activities, you’ll overcome blocks, resistance, apathy and struggle, and feel enthused again so that you restart your project, making more progress.

Your writing aims can relate to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scriptwriting, songwriting – it won’t matter, as long as you do have a project you’d like to work towards – a tangible creative goal/output.

You can follow (and participate) on Twitter – @pagechatter. 

The weekly posts will appear here: https://michaelloveday.com/slouch-to-5k/

In the meantime, my usual page listing free/recommended resources is now available here.

Thank you!



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