Welcome to my website. Put your slippers on, settle in and make yourself at home.

You can find details here about my writing (fiction, poetry, and book reviews) and the one-to-one services I offer to writers (Editing, Mentoring, and “The Novella-in-Flash). 

If you’re in need of further distraction, for example if you are currently engaged in a long wait for a bus or you have recently been disappointed by a cancelled appointment (such as – who knows? – a hot date via the personal ads in Recumbent Cyclist News or an important meeting with a Mongolian oligarch to discuss funding opportunities for your PhD on the fusion of Imagist poetry & glove puppetry), you might beguile yourself with articles from my blog or this piece ‘A Very Selective History of My Life as a Writer’. But, really, you are free to come and go as you please without me twisting your arm further.

Photographs on this website are by Rebecca Noakes Photography: https://www.rebeccanoakes.com/