What a Creativity Coach Can Help You With:

I’m passionate about helping early/mid-career creative people (artists, writers, musicians, makers, freelancers, facilitators, owners of self-employed creative businesses, etc.) to make more progress with long-term goals – so that you feel like you’re getting to the next level in your creative life.

What a Creativity Coach Can Help You With:

Any or all of the following may chime with you:

  • Have you lost momentum with a difficult project?
  • Do you lack sufficient time for your creativity and your ideas?
  • Do you feel worn out by swimming solo, lacking in creative validation from the people around you, or wishing you had access to a stronger, more supportive creative community/network?
  • Are you wanting to increase your income from creative activities?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by juggling too many interests and competing priorities?
  • Are you finding your creative practice a bit less joyful or meaningful these days?
  • Have you been feeling discouraged by setbacks and rejections?

The realities of working independently without adequate help can mean we want to give up before we’ve actually fulfilled our goals.

Benefits of Working with a Creativity Coach:

Coaching leaves you better supported. Here are some of the tangible benefits of working with a coach:

  • An ally who understands the importance of a creative life and can help you bounce back from rejections and cope with any struggles
  • Increased confidence – quieten your inner critic, understand your strengths and how to maximise them
  • Productivity – an “accountability buddy” to help you stop procrastinating, stay motivated, manage time well, and finish projects that are currently stuck
  • Finding a better balance between work, personal life and your creativity
  • Gaining clarity on difficult dilemmas or confusing choices, by identifying the priorities that are most important and helpful to you 
  • Becoming more organised, with clearer priorities, more actionable plans and more positive habits
  • Deepening your knowledge of the creative industry in which you’re working, and figuring out how to earn more money from your creativity
  • Help with building a stronger network of allies and contacts who can support your creativity
  • Figuring out how to create social impact, find your work more meaningful, or find your specific path in the world as a creative person
  • Smarter success strategies for getting your projects and ideas out into the world, find new audiences, or share your work more widely with others.

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