How My Coaching Works:

A typical coaching session lasts 60 minutes (over Zoom/Skype/telephone), or can be conducted by weekly email exchange.

Our work will often be focused on identifying clearer goals, understanding the challenges faced plus your particular strengths, and brainstorming possible paths forward that really suit you. There’s often an emphasis on coming up with tangible, actionable plans for next steps that you feel genuinely inspired and motivated to pursue.

I began my career initially in business, including working as an international strategy consultant for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and American Express. Then I had a kind of epiphany and became a published poet, fiction writer and freelance tutor, before moving into mentoring and coaching. So my life has straddled the practical world of business AND a purely creative arena where play, innovation, expression and joy are the focus. 

Think of our work together as a solution-focused chat with an informed creative ally. It’s as simple and as powerful as that!

Sessions can be spread over whatever time period suits you and your project. Weekly or fortnightly gaps are recommended initially, but once you’ve gained significant momentum, it can work well to hold sessions monthly.

You can get in touch to schedule a free 20-minute ‘Clarity Call’ here:

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