I don’t think I’ve read many reviews like this one by John Brantingham before. I love how he blends memoir, nature writing, philosophy, literary criticism and art criticism seamlessly into a single piece of writing – and an exquisite one, at that. That blend seems quite radical to me, for this kind of short online essay.

I’m quietly beaming inside that Brantingham mentions two recent publications (a book and a chapbook/pamphlet) of mine during his reflections, alongside the paintings of Linda Winter.

Winter’s artwork is gorgeous – for me it captures something really fragile and beautiful about the relationship between natural and the built landscapes, as seen in the images within the article.

Such an honour to be included as part of this exploration. Thank you, John Brantingham!

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Michael Loveday and Linda Winter: The Gift of Their Work | by John Brantingham | The Journal of Radical Wonder | Jan, 2023 | Medium