My poetry pamphlet He Said / She Said [Link to Pamphlet], was published by HappenStance Press in 2011. It describes a faltering relationship between two people of different nationalities, exploring questions of love and loss, language, culture, and ‘otherness’.



“While the poems range from prose poems to translations and lyrics, they are all connected by a percipient ear and a socio-linguistic fascination…There is a love of language here, from tittle-tattle overheard, childish speech in ‘Big Mike’ with its endless conjunctives and adjuncts, to the morology of old age (“get me that drink of cabbage”) and the Augustan tones of the closing, masterly rendering of Virgil’s Aeneid…. There is an elegiac thread running through the collection and a poignancy when the speaker recalls how his own lingua franca has been enriched with words borrowed from other cultures…These poems fizz and sparkle with life.” (Richie McCaffery, Sphinx, December 2011)

Michael Loveday - pamphlet photoHe Said / She Said by Michael Loveday… mixes formal inventiveness with lyricism. Exploring love and loss, this HappenStance pamphlet moves from concrete poetry to prose poems via more traditional lyric forms and features a strong recognition of the limits of language… As a Polish / English relationship develops words from one language seed into another, but the conversation remains in the gaps; what is heard is not what is said and love and estrangement mingle poignantly.” (Jan Fortune, Envoi magazine, issue 167, June 2014)


Forthcoming poetry publications:

  • Three poems in A Wild and Precious Life Anthology – ‘Spoons’, ‘Ledger’, ‘The Disturbances’

Recent poetry publications: 



  • October – Three poems in the Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Anthology – ‘Raid’, ‘Skin’, ‘Coming to Terms with My Father’
  • September – Poem in The Frogmore Papers – ‘Weekend Away’
  • March – Poem at the Mary Evans Picture Library blog – ‘Gluetraps and Spiders’ Webs’


  • October – Poem in The Spectator – ‘The Isle of the Living’
  • October – Two poems in South Bank Poetry – ‘Deflated’ and ‘The Gloom-Bird’s Hated Screech’
  • July – Two prose poems in Under the Radar – ‘Cups’ and ‘The Secret Language of Birds’
  • June – Prose poem in Strange Poetry – ‘The Small Print’
  • March – Poem in Nutshells and Nuggets (online) – ‘xi. Batchworth Lake, November’
  • March – Prose poem in KYSO Flash – ‘Click’
  • February – Prose poem in Ink, Sweat & Tears (online) – ‘PG Certificate’
  • January – Prose poem in Strange Poetry – ‘Some Basic Principles of Escapology’


  • November – Poem in Obsessed with Pipework – ‘Checkout’
  • November – Prose poem in Orbis – ‘Denholm Is Relying on Several Handsets for Incoming Calls, Each With A Different Telephone Line’
  • November – Poem as ‘Poem of the Month’ poster at the Dugdale Centre, Thomas Hardy House, Enfield – ‘Circle As Appropriate’
  • October – Poem in Snakeskin, ‘Hands in the Air’
  • October – Poem in South, ‘Magician’
  • September – Poem in The Poet’s Quest for God: 21st Century Poems of Faith, Doubt And Wonder anthology (Eyewear Publishing) – ‘Sanctus’.
  • August – Two poems in Snakeskin (online), ‘Your New Best Friend’, ‘Poem on the Underground’
  • June – Prose poem in Envoi, ‘v. The Chess, May’
  • June – Two prose poems in Poem, ‘viii. Batchworth Lake, August’ & ‘xii. Stockers Lock, December’
  • January – Poem in the Morning Star (online), ‘Fuzz’
  • December – Poem in Prole (issue 18) – ‘For the Caviar’
  • July – Prose poem in The Rialto (issue 83) – ‘Milk
  • March – Poem in Ink, Sweat & Tears (online, 27th March) – ‘wintering’
  • Two poems in Ariadne’s Thread (issue 12) – ‘catch’ and ‘Silence’
  • Poem in Brittle Star (issue 34) – ‘Walls’


  • Poem in Ripple (Vol.1, no.8) – ‘The Race’
  • Poem in Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam anthology (Cinnamon Press) – ‘Fool’s Errand’
  • Poem in Lyrical Beats anthology (Rhythm & Muse) – ‘Grandmother’
  • Poem in Smiths Knoll (issue 48) – ‘Gherkin’
  • Two poems in Eyewear (online) – ‘Fool’s Errand’ and ‘Doubting Thomas’
  • Poem in Other Poetry (Series 4, no.2) – ‘The Other’
  • Poem in Obsessed with Pipework (issue 50) – ‘Visiting Hours’
  • Poem in The Shop (summer issue) – ‘Poems’
  • Two poems in Ripple (Vol.1, no.6) – ‘Lately’ & ‘Going Back’
  • Poem in Seam (issue 30) – ‘Exile’
  • Poem in Assent (issue 63/2) – ‘Metamorphosis of Narcissus’
  • Poem in Stand (Vol.8 (4)) – ‘Homecoming’
  • Poem in Smiths Knoll (issue 43) – ‘Big Mike’
  • Poem in Ambit (issue 191) – ‘Icarus’
  • Two poems in Envoi (issue 141) – ‘The Grand Union Canal’ & ‘Final Stretch’
  • Poem in Acumen (issue 58) – ‘Theatre Company’
  • Poem in Tears in the Fence (issue 44) – ‘Lines in Step’
  • Poem in Orbis (issue 139) – ‘It was a Momentary Lapse’
  • Poem in The Frogmore Papers (issue 68) – ‘Topographer’
  • Poem in Iota (issue 74) – ‘Song’
  • Poem in Pennine Platform (issue 58) – ‘Parting’
  • Poem in Iota (issue 72) – ‘Dining Off Teaspoons’
  • Poem in The Interpreter’s House (issue 27) – ‘Suits’