My flash fiction novella, Three Men on the Edge, about three troubled men living on the edge of London, is new from V. Press in June 2018. Set in a Hertfordshire ‘edgeland’ neither fully rural nor fully urban, this three-part novella unfolds through a series of individual short-short stories. Three distinct  story sequences explore the daily lives of the men as their desires lead them towards crisis – Denholm – Cause for Alarm, Gus – The Invisible World, and Martyn – Chewing Glass.

Link to Book (including extracts)

“A beautifully crafted novella-in-flash, small and perfect slices of life written with skill and heart.” (Kit de Waal, author of My Name is Leon, shortlisted for the Costa First Book Award 2016)

“In his debut novella Michael Loveday sketches with a delicate brush the colourful lives of three troubled men living on the edge of London. With poetic language and emotional precision, Loveday writes like a cartographer about the wilderness we call ‘the human heart’.” (Meg Pokrass, author of Damn Sure Right and The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down, and winner of the 2016 Blue Light Book Award)

“Michael Loveday’s “Three Men on the Edge” (V. Press, 2018) reminds me of why I love the novella-in-flash form. This story, told in a series of fragments, drops you right into the worries and yearnings of three men living in a watery suburb of London. Loveday’s poetic rendering of everyday details takes the reader to a captivating, but beleaguered, town where the protagonists can be as touching and, at times, funny, as they are clueless about how to move forward in their lives. The writing follows Denholm, Gus and Martyn into the more vulnerable corners of their suburban existence, unveiling their disappointments, perplexities and desires with poignancy, humor and an unforgettable sense of place. There is something touchingly and disturbingly recognizable in each of the protagonists. And there is something about “Three Men on the Edge” that makes me want to take a stroll away from the high street and find a place to sit along the canals of Rickmansworth.” (Charmaine Wilkerson, author of How to Make a Window Snake, winner of the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award 2017 and Saboteur Best Novella Award 2018)

“This is a novella full of the aches and bruises left by loneliness. It’s written in fragments, like a bottle smashed during a solitary boozing session, but it coheres around the vividly captured edgeland that haunts the three men. This is a heart-felt book, but its prose is controlled by a steely intelligence. It’s funny, too – and moving and scary. Michael Loveday is a name to watch. He’s writing a new kind of fiction.” (David Swann, author of  The Privilege of Rain, shortlisted for the 2010 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry)

Stories from Three Men on the Edge were first published in  Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief; Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine; All the Sins; Cease, Cows; Envoi; The Flash Fiction Festival Anthology; Flash Frontier; The Forge Literary Magazine; Ink, Sweat & Tears; Orbis; Nutshells and Nuggets; Poem; Prole; Stand; and Strange Poetry. 

Example fiction:

Forthcoming Fiction Publications: 
  • Three short-short stories in Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine, ‘The Business of Murder’, ‘The Illustrator’, and ‘The Gate’

Recent Fiction Publications:

  • May – Short-short story in Connotation Press, ‘Trapeze with Fire-Jugglers’
  • November – Short-short story in the Bath Flash Fiction Festival Anthology, ‘Chewing Glass – xxi.’
  • October – Short-short story in The Frogmore Papers, ‘A Sickly Shade of Sunrise’
  • July – Short-short story in Word Riot (online), ‘Gluckschmerz’
  • June – Short-short story in National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2017, ‘Let Them Know Me By My Teeth’
  • May – Short story in The Forge Literary Magazine (online), ‘Chewing Glass’
  • March – Short story shortlisted in Fish Publishing 2016 / 2017 Short Story Contest (withdrawn for publication), ‘Chewing Glass’
  • March – Short-short story in Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief anthology (Flash: the International Short-Short Story Press), ‘Kryptonite’
  • March – Short-short story in Spelk (online), ‘Solitary Man, Or How He Tries to Save Himself, at 4:59 p.m. on Sunday the 13th May, with the Words of the Brooklyn Cowboy, Neil Diamond’
  • March – Short-short story in KYSO Flash (online), ‘Knife’
  • January – Short-short story in All the Sins (online), ‘Good Neighbours Make Good Fences’
  • November – Short-short story in Flash Frontier (online), ‘The Other Denholm’
  • November – Short-short story in Cease, Cows (online), ‘The Second Shed’
  • November – Short-short story in Jellyfish Review (online), ‘Prognosis’
  • October – Short-short story in Litro (online), ‘What Music Taught Me’
  • September – Short-short story in Spelk (online), ‘Dear Mr. Snaresbrook’
  • September – Runner-up in the 2016 Ambit Magazine Fiction Competition
  • July – Short-short story in Cake, ‘The Wall’
  • May – Short-short story in Spelk (online), ‘But the Devil Loves the Thing Known and Unspoken’
  • April – Two short-short stories in Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine (issue 9.1), ‘The Hardware Technician’ & ‘Shopping’
  • March – Four short-short stories in Sonder (online), ‘The Drawing’, ‘Russian Dolls’, ‘Tag’ and ‘At the Border’
  • March – Short-short story in 101-Words.Org (online), ‘Not Quite Yet
  • October – Three short-short stories in Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine (issue 8.2) – ‘Town Ditch’, ‘Silk Shirt’, ‘Seedpods’
  • April – Two short-short stories in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine (issue 8.1) – ‘Vixen’ and ‘Gorgeous’


  • Short-short story in Stand (issue Vol 12(3)) – ‘Alarm’


  • Short-short story in Smoke: A London Peculiar (online) – ‘Community Manifesto’


  • Short story in Sister (issue 1) – ‘Call’