Recent Fiction Publications:


  • Forthcoming: shortlisted in Writers Retreat UK 2020 Story Competition
  • April – Short-short story at Ellipsis Zine (online), ‘Professor Kirschner’s Revenge
  • March – Semi-Finalist in London Independent Story Prize, for short-short story ‘Emergency Measures’
  • March – Short-short story in Storgy Magazine (online), ‘Papier-mâché
  • March – Short-short story at Reflex Fiction (online), ‘Last Year’s Regrets
  • January – Short-short story in The Cabinet of Heed issue 28 (online), ‘How They Devour Her’


  • November – Short-short story in Litro (online), ‘Crushed’
  • September – Short-short story in New Flash Fiction Review (online), ‘Snuffed Candles’
  • July – Five short-short stories in Flash Boulevard (online) – ‘Point of Departure’, ‘A History of Gifts’, ‘Balance of Power’, ‘Feeding a Friend’, ‘Call’
  • June – Short-short story in 2019 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology And We Pass Through – ‘The History of the Child and the Door’
  • May – Short-short story in Fictive Dream (online), ‘Ghostbusters’
  • March – Short-short story in New Flash Fiction Review (online), ‘A Slow and Relentless Arrival’


  • December – Short-short story in Flash Fiction Festival Anthology, Two, ‘The Pond’
  • August – 1st prize winner for short-short story in Retreat West Flash Fiction competition – ‘Milk Chocolate. Grapes. Earthworm.’
  • July – Three short-short stories in Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine, ‘The Business of Murder’, ‘The Illustrator’, and ‘The Gate’
  • May – Short-short story in Connotation Press (online), ‘Trapeze with Fire-Jugglers’


  • November – Short-short story in the Bath Flash Fiction Festival Anthology, ‘Chewing Glass – xxi.’
  • October – Short-short story in The Frogmore Papers, ‘A Sickly Shade of Sunrise’
  • July – Short-short story in Word Riot (online), ‘Gluckschmerz’
  • June – Short-short story in National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2017, ‘Let Them Know Me By My Teeth’
  • May – Short story in The Forge Literary Magazine (online), ‘Chewing Glass’
  • March – Short story shortlisted in Fish Publishing 2016 / 2017 Short Story Contest (withdrawn for publication), ‘Chewing Glass’
  • March – Short-short story in Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief anthology (Flash: the International Short-Short Story Press), ‘Kryptonite’
  • March – Short-short story in Spelk (online), ‘Solitary Man, Or How He Tries to Save Himself, at 4:59 p.m. on Sunday the 13th May, with the Words of the Brooklyn Cowboy, Neil Diamond’
  • March – Short-short story in KYSO Flash (online), ‘Knife’
  • January – Short-short story in All the Sins (online), ‘Good Neighbours Make Good Fences’


  • November – Short-short story in Flash Frontier (online), ‘The Other Denholm’
  • November – Short-short story in Cease, Cows (online), ‘The Second Shed’
  • November – Short-short story in Jellyfish Review (online), ‘Prognosis’
  • October – Short-short story in Litro (online), ‘What Music Taught Me’
  • September – Short-short story in Spelk (online), ‘Dear Mr. Snaresbrook’
  • September – Runner-up in the 2016 Ambit Magazine Fiction Competition
  • July – Short-short story in Cake, ‘The Wall’
  • May – Short-short story in Spelk (online), ‘But the Devil Loves the Thing Known and Unspoken’
  • April – Two short-short stories in Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine (issue 9.1), ‘The Hardware Technician’ & ‘Shopping’
  • March – Four short-short stories in Sonder (online), ‘The Drawing’, ‘Russian Dolls’, ‘Tag’ and ‘At the Border’
  • March – Short-short story in 101-Words.Org (online), ‘Not Quite Yet


  • October – Three short-short stories in Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine (issue 8.2) – ‘Town Ditch’, ‘Silk Shirt’, ‘Seedpods’
  • April – Two short-short stories in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine (issue 8.1) – ‘Vixen’ and ‘Gorgeous’


  • Short-short story in Stand (issue Vol 12(3)) – ‘Alarm’


  • Short-short story in Smoke: A London Peculiar (online) – ‘Community Manifesto’


  • Short story in Sister (issue 1) – ‘Call’



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