Do What the Boss Says: Stories of Family and Childhood

My short-short story collection, Do What the Boss Says: Stories of Family and Childhood, is available to order from Bamboo Dart Press. Do What the Boss Says: Stories of Family and Childhood is a 40-page collection of short-short stories exploring the adult-child dynamic. A daughter nervously visits her father who has now become a stranger; a young Irish girl substitutes a cardboard cut-out for her presence within her own family; a naive, grieving schoolboy is tricked by a more streetwise young man; a child tries to impress her village by breaking the world record for stepping in and out of a doorway. This collection offers you a kaleidoscopic view of the pressures, conflicts and joys of childhood and family life: from surreal fables to memoir, to idiosyncratic realism, to supernatural tales about strange encounters.

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Praise for Do What the Boss Says: Stories of Family and Childhood

"Such a perfect balance between free-wheeling imagination and absolute control of tone and character, shot through with sublime tragi-comic timing. A joy."

—Luke Kennard, author of Notes on the Sonnets

"Michael Loveday seamlessly straddles the line between reality and the absurd. The stories in his latest book are a juxtaposition of love and lunacy."

—Nancy Stohlman, author of After the Rapture and Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction

"Step through the magic mirror to discover a version of family, but not quite as you know it... Expect some darkly hilarious but surprisingly intimate and moving moments in this delicious cornucopia of freshly minted tales and fables."

—Jacqueline Saphra, author of All My Mad Mothers and One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets

"These are the crazy moments of childhood drama... It is not just good writing. It is instructions about how to live. The whole collection could be viewed as a kind of practicum about that... Again, I wouldn’t want to suggest that all the moments are joyful. They are simply lived, and we the reader are present and alive to them."

—John Brantingham, The Journal of Radical Wonder

"Each piece stabs into the heart of family dynamics: precise, playful, painful. Surprising and moving. Holds far more depth than its slim volume. Recommended."

—Stephanie Hutton, 5-star review on Goodreads

"This is a rare treat. A piercing collection of flash fiction around very familiar dynamics of family life, yet each warped and stretched to intensity as though Angela Carter does kitchen sink. It gets quite uncomfortable in places but is always strangely moving and often funny. And the writing! So natural and seemingly free-flowing, yet quite exceptionally precise. A joy!"

—Sharon, 5-star review on Goodreads

"Each of these short pieces is a gem, revealing enough to intrigue but not spoon-feed the reader. A wonderful assortment of miniature sketches that will stay with you."

—John, 5-star review on Goodreads

"Every corner, every line, reveals an unexpected surprise and collectively these beautifully crafted stories dance a jangling tightrope of family relationships."

—Stuart Bird, 5-star review on Amazon