Writing Workshops

I can be booked for one-off workshops in Higher Education, at Literary Festivals, or at special Community Events. Please send enquiries via my Contact page, outlining all your requirements.
Available Writing Workshops include –
– The Short-Short Story / “Classic Form Flash Fiction”
– Flash Fiction vs. Prose Poetry
– The Novella-in-Flash
– The Flash Fiction Sequence
– The Secrets of Story Structure
– Creating “Three-Dimensional” Characters
– The Secrets of Editing (Fiction)
– “Edgelands, Liminal Spaces and the Urban Wild – new ways of writing about landscape”
– Other general creative writing workshops can be requested

Since 2011 as a workshop facilitator I have taught over 700 workshops for 15 different charities and educational organisations in lifelong learning and Higher Education. I trained as a Facilitator (for Adult Learning) with the Institute of Education, University College London.


Further details can be found on my Bio page.


Comments from previous students in my classes:

Open Age – Creative Writing for Beginners, St. John’s Wood (group for unpaid carers in Westminster borough, 2013 – 2017)

  • “I’ve been attending Mike’s creative writing classes for two years now and they are one of the highlights of my life… I am often astounded at what appears on the paper in front of me.” (Cornelia G.)
  •  “He encourages members of the group to realise and develop their own potentials and learn how to express themselves through writing.” (Safia S.)
  •  “It is, for me and others, a quiet haven which is needed and appreciated – which is beneficial and allows one to think and create.” (Heather W.)
  •  “Great variety of writing activities. Quality of feedback is positive. Mike is very positive and patient.” (Karen M.)

Open Age – Literature Appreciation, Chelsea (2014 – 2017)

  • “A very diverse range of literature. An utter pleasure and road of discovery.” (Isobel G.)
  •  “I have greatly enjoyed the diversity of choice of writers and extracts. Also the opportunity to discover new writers of different nationalities… I am greatly enjoying this course.” (Judith C.)
  •  “The group has a very nice vibe. Michael makes sure that everyone is included both in reading and making comments…I really recommend Michael’s classes.” (Rosalind C.)
  •  “The classes are very rewarding and there is no pressure to be ‘intellectual’ to enjoy them.” (Ghada G.)
  •  “The class has an excellent learning curve… The atmosphere in the class is friendly” (Victoria H.)
  •  “I look forward to it every week.” (Susan L.)

Open Age – Life Stories, Chelsea (2014 – 2017)

  • “I would like to recommend this class to write your life story to give to your children and grandchildren. This would make a very precious gift.” (Hiroko G.)
  •  “There is a good, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a mixture of humour and seriousness that banishes any inhibitions…I have found the feedback comments very helpful; suggestions and criticisms always relevant and wise.” (Nicola M.)
  •  “I would never have thought that each week I could write an interesting story, let alone read it out in class. With Michael’s support and understanding I feel that I have improved and gained in confidence.” (Jane L.)
  •  “[Michael] gets to the core of each of us respecting our life experience and showing a real interest for what we have written about and how we did it.” (Any R.)
  •  “skilfully brings out the best in us all.” (Gabrielle S.)

The Institute, Kingsbury (2014 – 2016)

  • “Highly recommend Mike as a tutor.” (Linda S.)
  • “I learned a lot about how to write better and how to free my creativity.” (Lena D.)
  • “I always felt encouraged which made me want to write more… I look forward to doing another course with him.” (Anisha H.)
  • “I have enjoyed the course and am booking up the next one.” (Joy B.)
  • “It’s been a pleasure these three terms.” (Lina G.)
  • “I learned something from every single class. Signed up for next term.” (Margo B.)
Becoming More Creative, Open Age, Chelsea (Apr/May 2016 & Feb/Mar 2013)
  • “I feel after the course “I dare to do more activities” because it changed my perspective of myself and surroundings. I discovered I was already creative and just discovered and learned with Mike new ways to be “more”. The atmosphere for the group was very relaxed, which gave us space to explore ourselves, grow, discover, learn and enjoy this great experience.” (Monica C.)
  • “A truly inspiring class, with a friendly and supportive atmosphere.” (Camilla B.)
  • “This course has helped me gain further insight into my own creative process and the blocks which hinder me. I am so much more aware now of all sorts of possibilities in my life to be more creative, and this is something that gives me joy on all levels…. [T]he benefits will stay with me for a long time.” (Wendy K.)
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