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Workshops for Organisations

Workshop #1: Managing the Inner Critic

Release your creative power by understanding your inner critic. Learn to manage and quieten the internal voice that puts resistance and self-doubt in the way of creativity.

This workshop will help people at your organisation release their creative power by developing a better understanding of their inner critics – the internal voice that creates resistance, friction and self-doubt, blocking pure creativity.  

Do you ever tell yourself your words or artmaking “aren’t good enough”?
Do you sometimes find yourself resisting or not enjoying the act of writing/art-making, or other forms of creativity?
Do you procrastinate, or find reasons to put off what you really need to be focusing on?
Do you sometimes put self-defeating limits on what you can accomplish?

In this workshop, participants will – 

  • find out more about the unique qualities of their own inner critic
  • learn to negotiate with this obstructive internal voice
  • learn tactics for taming it
  • direct themselves towards flourishing fully as creative individuals

This workshop will suit creative practitioners of all kinds who want to grapple with any self-defeating obstructions in the way of their creativity.

Through innovative exercises, reflection, and discussion, Michael guides participants to learn more about the unique qualities of their internal voice of judgement, and offers some very practical tools for taming any negativity or resistance that subtly inhibits creativity.

Although the session is about knowing more about your “Inner Critic”, the workshop is run in a way that is supportive, constructive, welcoming and fun. Michael facilitates the workshop gently and skilfully, in order to nurture individual breakthroughs and insights within a group context.

Michael has run this workshop in a number of creative contexts, including for MA students at Sheffield Hallam University, for writers and artists at London Lit Lab, and for tech industry professionals at Bath Spa University’s Enterprise and Innovation Hub, The Studio.

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Workshop #2: Reflective Practice in the Workplace

More details to be announced soon…