Types of Clients:

I’ve been working in group settings since 2011, facilitating people’s writing and general creativity, for over 15 different educational organisations and charities, and working with people from diverse backgrounds and all levels of experience. In 2015, I began working one-to-one with writers, and in 2019 then expanded into also working one-to-one with freelancers/sole traders, musicians, artists, educators, and self-employed creative practitioners in other forms. I do have a particular interest in helping creative people who are:

  • trying to complete or embark upon a major project, and finding it tricky to make tangible progress
  • OR wanting to reach a wider audience with their creative ideas
  • OR hoping to earn more money from their creative career
  • OR struggling to get organised/feeling overwhelmed by juggling too many interests and competing priorities
  • OR wanting to develop as a freelance tutor/facilitator in some field of creativity
  • OR wrestling with motivation and grappling with questions about the meaningfulness, value, or impact of their endeavours
  • OR struggling with their inner critic/lack of confidence
  • OR facing tricky decisions about options/paths for their creative career
  • OR fully engaged in one form of creative activity yet longing to make progress in a very different direction