Types of Clients I’ve Mentored

Since 2015, I have worked with –

  • published writers who want help to develop and finish an important creative project
  • writers who want to begin a first novel but don’t know how
  • poets who feel overwhelmed with the challenge of getting individual poems published in magazines
  • older writers who would like to self-publish stories based on their own experiences and share them with children or grandchildren
  • new writers who have attended some community workshops and now want to find out more about getting published
  • writers who want to move from one form/genre to another – for example, poets who want to move into writing fiction
  • writers who want to feel more confident and/or want to professionalise
  • writers juggling other forms of creativity such as art or music
  • committed writers faced with significant work/family demands
  • writers who want to develop a self-employed business as writing facilitators

And I’m always willing to consider working with new clients who don’t fit these categories!

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