The Benefits of Mentoring

Here are some of the benefits that can be gained from working with a mentor:

  • Increased productivity – help to make writing a more regular habit
  • Improved confidence – know your strengths and how to maximise them
  • Clearer goals and objectives and clearer thinking generally about your creative life
  • Making concrete plans that will get you towards your goals – and an “accountability buddy” to ensure you stay on track with these agreed next steps!
  • Greater sense of tangible progress
  • An ally to help you bounce back from writing rejections and cope with the struggles of pursuing a life as a writer
  • Someone who understands the role of creativity in your life and helps you to make it more central
  • A deeper, more enriched connection to your various aspects of your practice and craft
  • Support in overcoming the obstacles in home/work environments that every writer must grapple with
  • Help to develop your ideas and feelings into meaningful creative projects
  • Awareness of a wider range of resources that support the writing life
  • Support in getting to grips with the “marketplace” and the publishing industry
  • Help to develop marketing / social media strategies to promote your writing
  • Higher motivation to share your writing with others and bring your writing into the world. And smarter success strategies for doing so!
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