One-to-One Support for Writers

Would you like to be making more progress with your writing?

better wings - white backgroundSince 2015, I have worked with many writers one-to-one (by email, Skype, or face-to-face), to support them with their writing projects. A number have gone on to publish their manuscripts, or produce self-published books / pamphlets. Others have simply enjoyed the rewards of a transformed creative practice.

Whether it’s through mentoring or editing, I’m always trying to empower the individual writer by asking well-judged questions. I help you to understand your strengths and build on the foundations of your existing practice, while also opening up new lines of thinking and new possibilities within your writing.

I currently offer the following services to writers on an ongoing basis.


Please send an enquiry via my Contact page, outlining all the details of the project you would like help with.

  • Editing help to make your fiction and poetry ready to send out for publication, or to take your writing to the next level.
  • Mentoring – support for your creative goals or to get moving with new writing projects (or to “unblock” older ones).
  • Novella-in-Flash course – a one-to-one course (via a mix of email and Skype / telephone call) to help you to produce a short novel composed of linked short-short-stories.


Other Services:

The Treasure Trove: Resources for Writers – links to useful articles and essays about creativity and writing.

I can also be booked to teach one-off workshops – please see here.

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