Fiction Writing for Poets

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Are you a poet who would like to develop an additional strand to your writing and publishing life by writing short stories?

Even though you have published poems in journals, anthologies, pamphlets or collections, do you feel tentative about your fiction writing skills?

As a fiction writer who began as a poet, I can guide you to improve your fiction using everything I’ve learned about developing storytelling skills while maintaining a practice as a poet.

I offer a 7-unit mentoring programme of 3 story prompts to choose from per unit plus detailed, transformative feedback on up to 2,000 words of story per unit. Units are designed to be undertaken over a flexible time period that suits you.

The programme operates by one-to-one email exchange.

Feedback and guidance will draw upon my twelve years’ experience as an editor and my own practice as a published writer of fiction and poetry. I have taught fiction for eight years in Adult Education and for three years in Higher Education for the American overseas study programme Advanced Studies in England, and also as a Specialist Visiting Lecturer at Bath Spa University.

You will learn about structuring story arcs, creating convincing characters that have depth, writing compelling dialogue, bringing settings and locations fully to life, and the subtleties of sculpting good paragraphs of fiction. You will end the mentoring programme with at least seven new short stories conjured from the innovative writing prompts, and detailed, supportive written feedback on these.


1 – Desire as a Story Engine; The Problem-Resolution Model

2 – Creating Characters with Depth

3 – Defamiliarised Descriptions

4 – ‘Liminal Spaces’

5 – Dialogue & Voice

6 – Five-act Structure

7 – How to Write an Ending – ‘Loop’, ‘Open-Door’ and ‘Concrete’ endings

Price: £65 per unit or £395 total. Price includes feedback on 7x 2,000 words, 21 story prompts and 10 pdf handouts on aspects of fiction writing. To book, please send a message here.

Enhanced Fiction Writing for Poets:

As above plus seven 30-minute conversations to further your development as a writer of stories.

Price: £85 per unit or £540 total by Skype / Zoom / telephone

Adjustments to the exact number of meetings and word count can be arranged upon request. Face-to-face meetings and / or meetings longer than 30 minutes can be arranged.

To book, please send a message here.

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