“My experience working with you has been extremely beneficial… Through your encouragement and suggestions I developed some excellent tools to resolve self-doubt and negative patterns and to deepen my creative work… Overall I gained conviction my process, my work, a stronger sense of self and artistic direction and have resumed an effective creative practice.  Thankyou!” (J.S., artist)


“Michael is a friendly, skilled and supportive coach… Our sessions are always fun and enlightening. He has helped me bring greater focus and structure to the nitty gritty of getting work published and helped me formulate and, more importantly, stick to short-term goals. I couldn’t think of a better person to work with.” (S.N., musician and writer)

“Michael’s coaching sessions came along at exactly the right time.  He is an excellent listener and his advice enabled me to focus on my priorities and goals and most importantly to believe in my writing.” (D.S., writer)


“Michael’s coaching has enabled my writing life to progress faster in the past few months than it had in years of working on my own… My confidence on a personal and creative level has increased far beyond what I would have been capable of without his wisdom and expertise.”  (K.W., writer)


“Before starting these sessions, creatively I was completely lost. I’m happy to say Michael has a gentle, respectful and insightful way, and he made me realise lots of positive things about myself… my creativity is in full flow, leading to opportunity and productivity. One very happy Creative!” (L.S., musician)


Novella-in-Flash Editing:

Thank you, Michael, for taking the time to read my novella-in-flash… Even though it had been shortlisted at the Bath Novella-in-Flash competition, I felt myself that it needed work, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Your expert editorial eye picked up on the issues… With your help I wrote 3 or 4 more flashes, including one that really nailed what the novella was all about. And the result? Forthcoming publication at Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press! I can’t thank you enough and will definitely work with you in the future.” (Debbi Voisey)

“Michael’s comments helped me to identify the gaps in character motivation, the function of all my characters in relation to the protagonist’s emotional arc, and to reconsider the way imagery worked across my novella-in-flash. His skill at identifying ineffective sentences was also invaluable. He was supportive, and I greatly appreciated his non-prescriptive tone.” (Jeanette Sheppard)

“I have already amended some of my writing practice. As someone with no educational background in English literature and language past the age of sixteen, I learnt a significant amount to help my writing in the future.” (Stephanie Hutton. In 2019 this novella-in-flash (Three Sisters of Stone) won the 2019 Saboteur Award for Best Novella)

“Michael has been a sensitive and insightful reader of my work. He gave me much to think about, particularly in terms of character and motivation, which helped me to approach my manuscript afresh and with renewed enthusiasm. His gentle comments and questions are always on point, and his suggestions for further reading extremely useful.” (Deborah T.)

“Michael is a very sensitive reader and amazingly adept at articulating the effect that your writing has on a reader. He is able to identify with great subtly nuances in tone, the effect (and affect) of individual words, consonance in style and the occasions of a duff-note… He has that wonderful combination of critical rigor and ability to provide generous and sensitive feedback. Having a conversation with Michael was an invitation to think anew, to see things from a slightly different perspective, and at times an affirmation of what I, secretly, already knew but had not properly attended to. ” (Louise Watts, author of Something Lost, published by Ad Hoc Fiction in 2020)

“Thank you so much for all your help on bringing my novella, At the Bottom of the Stairs, to publication standard. Your insights into the story – from the overall pacing and direction, down to the phrasing of certain key lines – were crucial in making my book what it is. Your critiques were both gentle and uncompromising – you didn’t let me get away with a single cliché or clunky sentence, but never made me feel inadequate or overwhelmed. Most importantly, when the work was done, it was your cheerleading – your belief in the story – that spurred me on to seek publication for it. I literally couldn’t have done it without you!” (Chloe Banks, author of At the Bottom of the Stairs. Chloe’s novella was a runner-up in the Reflex Press 2021 Novella Awards, and will be published in late 2021)

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