Editing Novellas-in-Flash/Novels-in-Flash

If you’d like help with a novella-in-flash/novel-in-flash that you’ve already written (prior to sending it to a publisher, entering it into a competition, or if you are quite far along but feel somewhat stuck on how to finish it), Michael provides four options for feedback:

(1) £190 (per 10,000 words) for a one-hour exploratory discussion by Skype / telephone / meeting (in Bath) instead of written feedback. (A good option for manuscripts that are still in progress.)

(2) £190 (per 10,000 words) for 2-3 pages of developmental manuscript assessment, sent by email.

(3) £240 (per 10,000 words) for 6-10 pages of developmental manuscript assessment.

(4) £290 (per 10,000 words) for 6-10 pages of manuscript assessment PLUS line by line edits.

Please send your enquiry about manuscript assessment/editing (giving brief details of the project, including word count, and stating which type of help you are looking for), through this contact form.

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