Editing Services

I provide developmental editing and copy editing services to prepare manuscripts for submission/publication, with a particular specialism in editing novellas-in-flash, novellas, flash fiction, and story cycles. 

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Since 2018, I have helped many writers prior to the publication of their manuscripts (at publishers including Ad Hoc Fiction, V. Press, Ellipsis Zine, Reflex Press, Flash: the International Short-Short Story Press, Hamish Hamilton). I’m a certified creativity coach, associate member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and author of the first ever full craft guide for writing a novella-in-flash. I believe strongly in a supportive editing/feedback process that builds on each writer’s unique strengths. 

(1) Standard 2-3 Page Manuscript Assessment (incl. option for line by line edits on manuscript) – for when you’d like a second opinion on a manuscript before submitting it to a publisher or competition. This option will help you confirm whether your manuscript is fully ready, and highlight what changes might be needed. 

(2) Enhanced 6-10 Page Manuscript Assessment (incl. option for line by line edits) – for when you’d like detailed developmental feedback on a manuscript before submitting it to a publisher or competition, identifying any changes that need to be made.    

(3) Final copy editing of manuscripts prior to publication – Available to writers who have already found a publisher.   

(4) Novellas-in-Flash: Are you grappling with a novella-in-flash? Or interested to try writing one? In addition to the options listed above, here are two further ways I can support you to complete a high quality, publishable novella-in-flash:

  • Want to write a novella-in-flash? Here’s an online Incubator course which gives you extended one-to-one support while you develop one.
  • “Work-in-Progress Clarity Call” – Have you put together the beginnings of a first draft of a novella-in-flash, but don’t know where to take the story next? Or maybe instinct tells you you’ve produced too many randomly disconnected scenes, too many/too few characters, or there’s no overall narrative suggested across the whole? Maybe you’re feeling confused about point of view, or the chronology or structure? Maybe there’s something about the novella-in-flash form itself that’s confusing you and blocking the completion of your manuscript? A 90-minute in-depth discussion by Zoom/Skype/telephone, to gain clarity, brainstorm ideas together, and develop a tangible action plan of next steps.   

Please send your enquiry about manuscript assessment/editing (giving brief details of the project, including word count, and stating which type of help you are looking for), through the contact form below.

For further information about Michael’s experience with novellas-in-flash in particular, see here.