Coaching for Artists & Writers

I’m passionate about helping early career writers and artists to make more progress with their long-term creative goals.

I use my ten years’ experience as a facilitator and twenty years of creative practice to help people produce the work that they really want to produce. And I help them to enjoy success within a supportive community of other creative practitioners. There’s so much fulfilment to be found in getting your work out into the marketplace – whether that’s publishing a book or a gallery hosting an exhibition of your artwork – and in expanding your network of like-minded creative folk with whom you can collaborate and form supportive, developmental relationships.

Types of Clients:

Since 2015, I have worked with clients from all different backgrounds. I’m currently specialising in helping clients who have already made a commitment to their creativity and are working towards finishing new projects, getting their work out to audiences, or aiming to grow what they earn from their creative practice. I am also working with clients who want to improve the social impact and meaningfulness of their endeavours, so that they feel more satisfied with what they are contributing to the world via their creativity.

How Can A Creativity Coach Help?

It can be hard for people to build a life for themselves as a creative person, especially in the early stages of getting established. Rejections and the realities of working independently without adequate support can mean we want to give up before we’ve actually fulfilled our goals. Coaching can help you to silence your inner critic, build your confidence, overcome procrastination, finally finish projects that have stalled, and express the full flourishing of your creativity. It can also support you as you deepen your knowledge of the “industry” and “marketplace” you’re working in, and help you uncover new things about the creative process itself. Finally, instead of feeling like pursuing a creative life is a struggle, you can be thriving and accomplishing the things you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

How it Works:

A typical coaching session lasts 55 minutes (over Skype/Zoom/telephone), or can be conducted by weekly email exchange. Think of it as an informed, friendly chat with a fellow creative. It’s as simple and as powerful as that!


Here are some of the benefits of working with a coach:

  • Increased productivity – help to make your creative practice a more regular habit
  • Improved confidence – understand your strengths and how to maximise them
  • An “accountability buddy” to ensure you stay motivated, manage time well, and finish your creative projects
  • A more enriched connection to your craft and deeper understanding of your own creative process
  • An ally who can help you bounce back from rejections and cope with any struggles
  • Support in finding ways around obstacles in home/work environments
  • Support in managing anxiety, fear of failure, resistance and procrastination
  • Support in figuring out how to earn money from your creative work or from activities related to your creativity
  • Help with building a stronger network of creative allies and connecting to creative communities
  • Support in figuring out how to create social impact through your creative output, increase the meaningfulness of your work, and find your role in the world as a creative person
  • Higher motivation to share your work with others and bring your creative projects into the world. And smarter success strategies for doing so!


I’m currently offering coaching sessions at:

  • £50 for 55 minutes, with an email check-in between sessions
  • If we haven’t worked together before, a first coaching session is £25
  • If you book a package of six sessions (held during a three-month period) you’ll receive a 10% discount
  • Ongoing support by email – £50 for four weeks

Sessions can be spread over whatever time period suits you in order to support your commitment to longer-term goals. Often weekly, fortnightly or ten-day gaps work well before spacing the sessions more widely once a project has gained significant momentum.

Coaching can currently take place via Zoom, Skype, telephone, or email.


I’ve undertaken training in Creativity Coaching with its founder Eric Maisel

I have also undertaken Facilitator Development training with The Institute of Education, University College London (2018).

To book, or to ask questions, please send a message here.