Coaching for Artists & Writers

I’m passionate about helping early career writers and artists to make more progress with long-term goals – so you feel like you’re no longer struggling or frustrated in your creative endeavours, but actually thriving.

What a Creativity Coach Can Help You With:

Any or all of the following may chime with you:

  • Have you lost momentum with a difficult creative project?
  • Do you lack sufficient time for your creativity?
  • Do you feel worn out by swimming solo, without a creative community/network around you?
  • Have you been feeling discouraged by setbacks and rejections?
  • Are you secretly wishing you could earn your living from your creativity?
  • Are you finding creative work/your creative practice a bit less meaningful these days?

Many of the above are routine experiences for a creative person at various times! Especially during the early efforts of getting established. Rejections and the realities of working independently without adequate help can mean we want to give up before we’ve actually fulfilled our goals.

Benefits of Working with a Creativity Coach:

Coaching leaves you better supported. Instead of feeling like the creative life inevitably means painful struggle, you can more serenely make your ambitions and dreams manifest as your reality.

Here are some of the tangible benefits of working with a coach:

  • Increased productivity – an “accountability buddy” to ensure you stay motivated, manage time well, and finish creative projects that are currently stuck
  • Improved confidence – quieten your inner critic, understand your strengths and how to maximise them
  • An ally who can help you bounce back from rejections and cope with any struggles
  • Finding a better balance between work, personal life and your creativity
  • Deepening your knowledge of the “industry” and “marketplace” you’re working in, and figuring out how to earn money from your creative work or from activities related to your creativity
  • Help with building a stronger network of creative allies and connecting to creative communities
  • Support in figuring out how to create social impact through your creative output, increase the meaningfulness of your work, or find your specific role in the world as a creative person
  • Smarter success strategies for getting your creative projects out there into the world and shared more widely with others.

Types of Clients:

Since 2015, I have worked one-to-one with clients from diverse backgrounds and all levels of experience. I do have a particular interest in helping artists and writers who are:

  • actively trying to finish a major creative project, but finding it tricky
  • OR wanting to reach a wider audience with their creative work
  • OR hoping to earn more money from their creative career
  • OR wrestling with questions about the meaningfulness/impact of their creative endeavours

How it Works:

A typical coaching session lasts 55 minutes (over Skype/Zoom/telephone), or can be conducted by weekly email exchange. Think of it as an informed, friendly chat with a fellow creative. It’s as simple and as powerful as that!

I’m currently offering coaching sessions at:

  • £50 for 55 minutes, with an email check-in between sessions
  • If we haven’t worked together before, a first coaching session is £25
  • If you book a package of six sessions (held during a three-month period) you’ll receive a 10% discount
  • Ongoing support by email – £50 for four weeks

Sessions can be spread over whatever time period suits you in order to support your commitment to longer-term goals. Often weekly, fortnightly or ten-day gaps work well before spacing the sessions more widely once a project has gained significant momentum.

About Me:

I’ve made my living as a full-time facilitator for over ten years, working in Adult and Higher Education since 2011 and also one-to-one with private clients since 2015. I’ve had twenty years of creative practice as a fiction writer and poet, with many individual stories and poems published in that time, and my third full publication due out in late 2021, from Ad Hoc Fiction.

I’ve undertaken training in Creativity Coaching with its founder Eric Maisel

I have also undertaken Facilitator Development training with The Institute of Education, University College London (2018).

To book, or to ask questions, please send a message here.