Forthcoming Workshop: ‘Managing the Inner Critic’

(online, via Zoom, Saturday 29th July, 15.00-17.30 UK time)

A quick announcement that I’m offering a new workshop in a couple of weeks’ time: it’s aimed at writers, artists, musicians, freelancers, facilitators – and creative practitioners of all kinds: ‘Managing the Inner Critic.’

Through creative exercises, reflection, and discussion, we’ll talk about the unique qualities of the internal voice of self-judgement, and give you some practical tools for taming any negativity or resistance that subtly inhibit your creativity.

It can be useful at any time of life and at any stage of your your creative journey, but particularly if you see the words “Inner Critic” and feel a moment of recognition about an internal voice of judgement that sometimes inhibits or blocks your creativity.

Although the session is about knowing more about your “Inner Critic”, the workshop will be supportive, constructive, welcoming, and kind-hearted. I’ve taught this workshop for students at Sheffield Hallam University and for industry professionals at Bath Spa University’s Studio.

It’ll be drawing upon my teaching experience, my training as a creativity coach, and my own 20-year practice as a creative person. The workshop will nudge you towards a positive mindset and you’ll come away with some very practical, supportive tools and tips that will have long-lasting effects for your creativity!

It’s on Saturday 29th July, online, via Zoom, so can be accessed from anywhere. An “afternoon” slot (15.00-17.30 UK time), so it’s accessible in the morning for those of you based in North America. More details at the link below. I hope you’ll join me!

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