Editing, Mentoring and Teaching

The following is a list of the various services I offer to writers and organisations. Please send an enquiry via my Contact page, outlining all the details of the project you would like help with.

Editing and Manuscript Feedback – help to make your fiction and poetry publication-ready.

Mentoring – a mix of Manuscript Feedback and Creative Coaching to give you the momentum to complete an ongoing project.

Story Writing for Poets – a year-long, feedback-based mentoring programme for poets who want to develop their skills as writers of stories.

Novella-in-Flash teaching – a one-to-one course (via a mix of email and Skype / Zoom / telephone call) to help you write a short novel composed of linked short-short stories.

One-off Writing Workshops – I can be booked to teach one-off workshops in Higher Education, at Literary Festivals, and at special Community Events.

Help for Writer-Teachers – I offer a mentoring service to facilitators of creative writing. I can help you to give greater value to your students by fine-tuning your lesson plans and taking your facilitation skills to the next level.





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